Gennaro Express Lines Ltd. has over 30 years in the transportation industry. Why would you go anywhere else?

We create transportation solutions for our clients using our proven methods of service. We value our customers, associates, and suppliers and treat them with honesty and respect. We are active members of the community and a desirable employer due to our commitment to achieving long-lasting, profitable relationships.

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Our Services

Providing expert inbound and outbound service for western Canada to meet a wide range of customers’ needs.

Freight Transportation

At Gennaro Express Lines, we help our clients conduct the physical transport of commodities, merchandise goods, and cargo, amongst other things.

24/7 Delivery

We understand the importance of your business so our coordinators ensure that we are able to deliver 24/7  – 365 days of the year

Commercial Vehicle Inspections

We have an amazing team of heavy-duty technicians that can inspect your trailers, trucks, or tractors. Whether, it is a single truck, or you are running a fleet, our government-licensed inspection facility is certified in handling your request.

Trailer Repair & Mobile Trailer Repair

Hover Box Element

As a one-stop certified solutions provider, we offer trailer and mobile trailer repair services. Our focus is to help our customers keep their trucks and trailers on the road so that they can complete their journeys as efficiently as possible

Storage Rental & Storage Trailer Rental

Hover Box Element

We offer a large state-of-the-art storage facility for all of your trailers, chassis, tractors, and more. Offering 24/7 surveillance services, you can guarantee that your heavy-duty equipment is safe.

We Specialize In Transport Solutions for Over 30 Years!

Managing logistics for some of Canada’s multinational companies.

Our global logistics expertise, advanced supply chain technology & customized logistics solutions will help you analyze, develop and implement successful supply chain management strategies from end-to-end.

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We Are Certified

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Provide Full Range Of Services

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24/7 Delivery

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We have Repair, Rental, and Storage Options available

At Gennaro Express Lines we know the transportation business. We strive to provide the best service possible as our customers are our priority whether for their transportation, repair or storage needs.

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